Aug 10

Run for Haley’s Hope


How about a run on short notice?  Come join me next weekend for the Hot ‘N’ Hilly 5K run next weekend in Springfield, MO.  Or, if you would like to really show me up, come and run 10K and show me how it is really done.

Date:  August 18, 2012

Location:  James River Power Plant, 5701 S. Kissick, Springfield MO.

Race Start:  7:30 AM (rain or shine)

I have been told that this is a VERY difficult race on a beautiful paved course.  They don’t call this race Hot ‘N’ Hilly without earning the name.  I’m going to give it my all, but even then I will probably run this pretty slowly, so even if you are new to running or haven’t run in some time come out and join us!

For more information visit the Haley’s Hope website, or go directly to the Race Information learn more about registration or to sign up for the event.

Aug 08

Wednesday Weigh In #22

Summer finals week has come to an end, and I am starting to get back into my routine.  Once again I am finding how damaging breaking an established routine can be to reaching your goals.  Someday soon I am going to need to do some research on how to avoid losing momentum when your routine gets broken.  I’m going to start off by throwing out the numbers for this week.

  • Previous Weight: 256.2  (Two weeks ago)
  • Current Weight:  252.1 (After two weeks)
  • Weight Loss:  4.1 pounds (1.6%)

While I didn’t post last week, I did actually weigh in and record my numbers, so the chart below shows actual progress over the last two weeks.


I didn’t think I had done this well until I entered the numbers into the spreadsheet that I use to make this nifty chart.  In fact I had just been complaining to my wife that I thought I wasn’t actually losing weight.  I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but even though my goal is an average of two pounds a week, I want to see some bigger numbers popping up and I just don’t feel like I am getting numbers that match to the effort that I feel like I am putting in.

During finals week I didn’t record my calories and workouts as closely as I need to, and I look forward to getting back into that habit in the coming weeks.  Also, I’m stepping my workouts up just a little bit further in order to keep up with my wife, who has suddenly decided to start working like crazy.  I’m going to have to start working my butt off (literally) in order to even compete with her.  Also, despite some continued pain and cramping in my hips I intend to start the running routine again in addition to my gym workouts.

We’ll see how this goes, but I think it is time for something great to happen.

Jul 25

Wednesday Weigh In #21

I would like to be one of those people who tell you that it “feels good” to be in pain from my new workout regimen, but that would be a lie.  This pain doesn’t “feel good” it just hurts.  I may have pushed my first free weight workout on chest and shoulders a little further than I was ready for in my excitement to get started making a difference, and now I am paying for it.  It is also possible that I am really just far weaker and more out of shape than I gave myself credit for.  Either way, I am having difficulty lifting my arms today, and my chest muscles are sore enough I don’t even have to move to make them ache.

This is the second day after my chest and shoulders workout, which tends to be the worst day of aches any time I begin something new.  I expected this and I’m really not surprised by it, only by the intensity of the aches.  I expect the pains to be mostly gone by tomorrow.  Sometimes we must struggle through some difficulties to achieve our goals, and I intend to push through this one.  In fact I have already been back in the gym today working my lower body.

According to the numbers my new efforts have been paying off.  I lost exactly my goal of two pounds this week and feel pretty good about how I’ve been handling the extra work I’m putting into my fitness training and record keeping over the last couple of weeks.  A week like this is the kind that really helps keep up the motivation.

  • Previous Weight: 258.2
  • Current Weight: 256.2
  • Weight Loss: 2 pounds ( < 1%)


Jul 24

I Ate a Doughnut

Nearly every Sunday my wife and I work work with elementary age children at our church, and for our devotion to the children (failure to flee back to the company of groups of adults) we are rewarded (bribed) with doughnuts (heaven with a hole in the middle.)  I have an unnatural addiction to doughnuts and have been known to trample small children to get the only doughnut with sprinkles before any other fat guys can get to it.  (I love sprinkles more than just about anything in the world.)

For the past week or so I have been very careful about what I eat, and have been tracking my nutrition pretty closely. I’ve been watching my daily calorie and sodium intake, comparing my caloric intake with the calories expended during my workouts, and avoiding sugar in order to ensure that the calories that are entering my body are coming from sources that provide actual nutritional value to my diet.  But this was Sunday, and there was a doughnut…with sprinkles…pink and purple sprinkles…

Guess what.  I ate that pink and purple sprinkled doughnut, and despite the fact that a single white cake iced doughnut (or donut as MyFitnessPal prefers to spell it) contains 340 calories I absolutely loved it and in no way regret the decision.  This is the great benefit to tracking calories taken in and expended for a time that I have long overlooked.  Tracking calories doesn’t mean that I can’t eat the things that I like, it means that I know that I am alright to eat a doughnut.  I don’t have to regret sprinkles because I know that I am still well within my daily caloric intake and I can see that I have carefully avoided sugar this week and know that I can give myself a treat.  I also know by tracking my workouts exactly how long I will need to hit the gym to work off the treat.

I’m not an expert, but my experience has been that when I tell myself I can’t have the things I enjoy any more it makes me wonder if getting fit is worth the loss, and it wrecks my morale.  It seems logical to me that others would have the same problem, thinking that if they have to give up everything they love what is the point of living longer.  Now I am learning that I can “have my cake and eat it too” by tracking what I’m doing and ensuring that the axiom, “everything in moderation” is something that I continue to adhere to.

Jul 20

Friday Weigh-In?

This summer has been far busier than I would have thought possible. I would not have believed that returning to school to take a single course in English Literature could put as much demand on my time as it has. This last week was my mid-term in the course, and I have not yet received back my grade. Keeping up with that class has been my highest priority for the summer.

On Tuesday this week I began really stepping up my fitness regimen. I have started keeping much more careful record of my calories in and out using the MyFitnessPal app for android, and my wife and I have been making an effort to find healthier meals for both ourselves and out children.

Finally this week we took a major leap and renewed our membership to the YMCA, where I’ve begun slowly adding weights to my fitness plan. One thing that I have begun to think recently is that I am going to need to focus on strengthening my core. I am hoping that by working on building a stronger core I can help get myself over some of the hurdles and begin to build some of the stamina that has been missing from my runs. To this day I have yet to run a complete 5K without walking some portion of it, and only once or twice have I been able to complete a full mile run without some downtime.

I feel a little like I am in a period of troubleshooting. I know what I want to achieve, and I know that I am not making the progress that I would like, and now it is time to start finding answers.

As to the week’s numbers…I DID weigh in on Wednesday morning, but haven’t given myself the time before this evening to write. These numbers aren’t’ spectacular, but they are still below the Red Line that tracks my overall goal, and given some of the changes I have made this week I expect to see much better results on next Wednesday’s weigh-in.

  • Previous Weight: 258.8
  • Current Weight: 258.2
  • Weight Loss: .6 pounds ( < 1%)


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