Monthly Archive: March 2012

Mar 28

#WednesdayWeighIn 13

The weather today is beautiful.  I couldn’t ask for better weather for a run.  After my post on Monday about Overtraining, I’ve decided to take my runs a bit easier and I’ve throttled back down to around four miles for each run again.  I’ll be mixing in some biking as well in order to give …

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Mar 26


I’ve posted a bit recently about the difficulty I’ve been having with running, and the effect it’s had on my motivation to get out and run.  I’ve also pointed out in my WednesdayWeighIn posts that I’ve actually begun gaining back the weight I’ve lost, despite a lack of apparent changed in diet, and only a …

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Mar 24

Fat Guy Riding?

It has not been a particularly encouraging week, between the disappointment of my weigh in on Wednesday and the incredible difficulty I’ve been having while running.  When I woke this morning and began thinking about today’s run I had a difficult time convincing myself that it would be worth the effort.  I just couldn’t convince …

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Mar 21

#WednesdayWeighIn 12

The weather outside this morning when I left for my run was terrible.  Cold, rainy, and dreary as though mother nature was sharing in my foul mood.  I feel defeated.  Today for the first time since I began this journey I feel like giving up.  I have a cough that won’t go away, pains in …

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Mar 20

Easing Back Into It

To be honest, after being sidelined by illness for nearly a week, it was not actually my intent to take it easy today. At the start of my run today I had my mind made up to jump right back in at the pace I’d been setting before the sickness took hold. I kept telling …

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