Monthly Archive: April 2012

Apr 30

The Right Tools

I am very much a computer guy, and as such I wanted to share with you some of the tools of the digital age that I’ve chosen to help me reach a few of my fitness goals. Endomondo I have written about Endomondo before, and it is still one of my favorite tools.  Whether running, …

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Apr 27

Scheduling Success

I’ve never really been the kind of guy who’s had any success with schedules.  I’m not good at judging the time it takes to complete something, so I rarely set deadlines.  When I do attempt to conform to a schedule and set deadlines for myself I tend to become sidetracked or lose a grip on …

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Apr 25

#WednesdayWeighIn 17

As I promised yesterday, here are my current #WednesdayWeighIn numbers.  As you can see I have made it back down to hover once again around the 250 pound mark.  I have to be honest though, I think the sudden dip has more to do with the fact that my whole family has been sick for …

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Apr 24

When You Fail

I haven’t been posting…I haven’t been running.  What do you do when you fail?  In the world of blogging, failing to post regularly is a death sentence.  Your readers lose interest, your subscribers forget who you are, wonder where you’ve been, and generally feel betrayed that they’ve followed you only to have you disappear on …

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Apr 16

Two Wheels Isn’t Always Easy Either

I knew that I needed to get out today, but I just couldn’t seem to get myself interested in a run.  So after spending much of the day attempting to convince myself that it would be acceptable to skip my workout I finally pulled it together and decided to go for a casual bike ride. …

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