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Name: Joshua Brotherton
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Aug 10

Run for Haley’s Hope

How about a run on short notice?  Come join me next weekend for the Hot ‘N’ Hilly 5K run next weekend in Springfield, MO.  Or, if you would like to really show me up, come and run 10K and show me how it is really done. Date:  August 18, 2012 Location:  James River Power Plant, …

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Aug 08

Wednesday Weigh In #22

Summer finals week has come to an end, and I am starting to get back into my routine.  Once again I am finding how damaging breaking an established routine can be to reaching your goals.  Someday soon I am going to need to do some research on how to avoid losing momentum when your routine …

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Jul 25

Wednesday Weigh In #21

I would like to be one of those people who tell you that it “feels good” to be in pain from my new workout regimen, but that would be a lie.  This pain doesn’t “feel good” it just hurts.  I may have pushed my first free weight workout on chest and shoulders a little further …

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Jul 24

I Ate a Doughnut

Nearly every Sunday my wife and I work work with elementary age children at our church, and for our devotion to the children (failure to flee back to the company of groups of adults) we are rewarded (bribed) with doughnuts (heaven with a hole in the middle.)  I have an unnatural addiction to doughnuts and …

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Jul 20

Friday Weigh-In?

This summer has been far busier than I would have thought possible. I would not have believed that returning to school to take a single course in English Literature could put as much demand on my time as it has. This last week was my mid-term in the course, and I have not yet received …

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