Jul 20

Friday Weigh-In?

This summer has been far busier than I would have thought possible. I would not have believed that returning to school to take a single course in English Literature could put as much demand on my time as it has. This last week was my mid-term in the course, and I have not yet received back my grade. Keeping up with that class has been my highest priority for the summer.

On Tuesday this week I began really stepping up my fitness regimen. I have started keeping much more careful record of my calories in and out using the MyFitnessPal app for android, and my wife and I have been making an effort to find healthier meals for both ourselves and out children.

Finally this week we took a major leap and renewed our membership to the YMCA, where I’ve begun slowly adding weights to my fitness plan. One thing that I have begun to think recently is that I am going to need to focus on strengthening my core. I am hoping that by working on building a stronger core I can help get myself over some of the hurdles and begin to build some of the stamina that has been missing from my runs. To this day I have yet to run a complete 5K without walking some portion of it, and only once or twice have I been able to complete a full mile run without some downtime.

I feel a little like I am in a period of troubleshooting. I know what I want to achieve, and I know that I am not making the progress that I would like, and now it is time to start finding answers.

As to the week’s numbers…I DID weigh in on Wednesday morning, but haven’t given myself the time before this evening to write. These numbers aren’t’ spectacular, but they are still below the Red Line that tracks my overall goal, and given some of the changes I have made this week I expect to see much better results on next Wednesday’s weigh-in.

  • Previous Weight: 258.8
  • Current Weight: 258.2
  • Weight Loss: .6 pounds ( < 1%)