Apr 27

Scheduling Success

I’ve never really been the kind of guy who’s had any success with schedules.  I’m not good at judging the time it takes to complete something, so I rarely set deadlines.  When I do attempt to conform to a schedule and set deadlines for myself I tend to become sidetracked or lose a grip on time, allowing it to pass me by unnoticed.  Finally, I don’t like doing things wrong.  Writing multiple draft of something is hard for me because I don’t like to allow myself to make mistakes the first time, so when I need to edit and re-write I feel like I have failed on a fundamental level.  Even writing the brief posts that I write for this website cost me a great deal of time, as I am constantly re-writing each sentence in order to make sure that every word is the correct one before I publish.

I have the same problem in nearly everything that I do.  It may appear that I am often admitting to one failure or another, and a lot of that is because I consider any setback a failure.  It may be one of the biggest shortcomings in my personality.  Getting fit and running are no exceptions to this flaw.  When I don’t run for a week, I feel like I have failed.  When I feel like I have failed I want to give up, because I hate the idea that I keep failing over and over again.  Unfortunately, that is a road that I have walked down many times, and where it leads to is a fat guy sitting in a chair in his office playing video games in the dark and feeling sorry for himself.  That’s why I keep coming back, despite my multiple set backs.  I don’t want to just accept failure.  I want to keep pushing forward.

I have stated in the past that I am not good with schedules, and that my sleep cycles are off from the rest of the world, and that I have tried in the past to adjust to a more normal schedule without much success.  The conclusion that I have come to recently is that I am going to try to do so again.  I have been working at home for my wife for a while now, and in for the last several months I have really allowed time to get by me.  I tell myself that I don’t have a lot of time to d all the things that I would like to be doing, despite the fact that I probably have more time now than I ever have before.  The truth of the matter is that I have the same number of hours in my day that everyone else does, and I have simply not been using them to the greatest effect.

So, I have decided that I need to create a pretty strict schedule for myself.  One that allows me to use my time more effectively, including time to work, time to run, time to write, time to play, and time to be a better dad.  The schedule that I have come up with includes earlier times to get to bed, and earlier times to get out of bed than I would normally like.  It limits somewhat the time I spend on frivolous activities, such as playing video games, but requires me to be more focused when I am working.

My thought, though it has yet to be put to the test, is that if I schedule my time carefully, then I can focus better on being effective at whatever it is I am doing during that time, because I will not need think about the “other things” I could be doing right now, and down time comes I will be able to enjoy it without feeling like I have failed to get everything else done.  If I have worked with a focus during the scheduled time, I can feel good about rewarding myself when I take time off.

I don’t know if creating this schedule will help provide me with more direction or not, but I think it is worth trying.

Next week I will be posting about some of the tools that I will be using to try to get my life and health more on track and under control, and by the end of the week I’ll have some impressions for you of my first week on a real schedule.

  • Marksgirl88

    Hey there,
    I saw you today on the trail and gave you a shout out about the Bass Pro 1/2 Marathon. Don’t know if you remember. I think it would be great if you did it again. I did the full last year. It was my first marathon, at 45 years old. I did it in 4 hours, 19 minutes, 47 seconds. My bucket list this year is two marathons. My daughter is thinking about doing the half and I have a very good friend that is thinking about it too. Hope to see you there!