Jul 25

Wednesday Weigh In #21

I would like to be one of those people who tell you that it “feels good” to be in pain from my new workout regimen, but that would be a lie.  This pain doesn’t “feel good” it just hurts.  I may have pushed my first free weight workout on chest and shoulders a little further than I was ready for in my excitement to get started making a difference, and now I am paying for it.  It is also possible that I am really just far weaker and more out of shape than I gave myself credit for.  Either way, I am having difficulty lifting my arms today, and my chest muscles are sore enough I don’t even have to move to make them ache.

This is the second day after my chest and shoulders workout, which tends to be the worst day of aches any time I begin something new.  I expected this and I’m really not surprised by it, only by the intensity of the aches.  I expect the pains to be mostly gone by tomorrow.  Sometimes we must struggle through some difficulties to achieve our goals, and I intend to push through this one.  In fact I have already been back in the gym today working my lower body.

According to the numbers my new efforts have been paying off.  I lost exactly my goal of two pounds this week and feel pretty good about how I’ve been handling the extra work I’m putting into my fitness training and record keeping over the last couple of weeks.  A week like this is the kind that really helps keep up the motivation.

  • Previous Weight: 258.2
  • Current Weight: 256.2
  • Weight Loss: 2 pounds ( < 1%)