Apr 25

#WednesdayWeighIn 17

As I promised yesterday, here are my current #WednesdayWeighIn numbers.  As you can see I have made it back down to hover once again around the 250 pound mark.  I have to be honest though, I think the sudden dip has more to do with the fact that my whole family has been sick for the last week than it does with any conscious effort on my part.

  • Two Weeks Ago:   252.3
  • Current Weight:   250.8
  • Percent Change: 0.59%

The Bad News

I am supposed to be running in my second half marathon this weekend, but I will not be able to attend the event.  I was honestly worried that I would not be prepared for the event, given my lack of work in the past few weeks, but I am also in a position where paying the $60 registration fee for the event is not a financially responsible decision.
Fortunately for me there is an alternative.  One Sole Purpose will be holding a 5K/10K/1 Mile Family Fun Walk on Saturday, May 5th.  The entry fee for the event is only half the price of the half marathon.  So, as long as I can scrape together an extra $30 before next Saturday, I am going to attempt to run in that event.  All proceeds from the run are used by One Sole Purpose to buy shoes for children.