Jan 18

#WednesdayWeighIn 3

It is Wednesday and time for another weigh in.

  • Previous Week:    257.3
  • Current Weight:    253.6
  • Percentage Change:    1.44%
Those numbers look small but each pound lost is a small victory and makes me happy.  After traveling last weekend I will admit I wasn’t expecting to do as well as I did.  At this rate I could be breaking the 250 mark soon, which will be a nice milestone.
How did your week treat you?   Are you keeping up with all of your healthy living goals for 2012?
  • Sarah Dixon

    Hey Josh! Just wanted to drop a line to you to let you know how awesome I think this is! I have been following all of your post and I am super pumped at all your are doing for you and for your family! All this running has inspired me to put my feet to the pavement and tonight for the first time ever in my life I hopped on my treadmill and “ran” my 1st 5k!!! ( can’t wait for warmer weather to see what I’m made of outside 😉 ) I too am trying to make a healthier life for me and my family, I’m down 6.5 with about 40 more to go so hang in there and keep doing what you are doing and know that your not alone!

  • Dave Dixon

    Keep up the hard work it’s tuff… I know. One thing that helped me was to get the milage out of my mind and use the clock. Try and set a goal on time try 30 then as it gets easier then gauge your time to the milage it is amazing how well it works.

  • Jason Lipman

    Hello Josh. Are still updating the site?

    • Sadly, I haven’t updated in some time. I have continued to run, though health has forced me to slow down quite a bit. After my second half-marathon I began training for my first full marathon but have developed plantar fasciitis that has really put a cramp into my training. I hope to be back in full running condition soon.