Apr 24

When You Fail

I haven’t been posting…I haven’t been running.  What do you do when you fail?  In the world of blogging, failing to post regularly is a death sentence.  Your readers lose interest, your subscribers forget who you are, wonder where you’ve been, and generally feel betrayed that they’ve followed you only to have you disappear on them.  It is something akin to that old retail sales saying, it takes years to win a customer and only seconds to lose one.  After months of writing, it takes only a few days to lose loyal readers, and rightly so.

When you stop running for a time you may find you are gambling with yourself over year health.  When you first stop running you don’t realize how quickly you can begin to lose the progress you’ve made.  When (if) you try to get back into running regularly you find yourself needing to relearn such simple things as how to breath, when to take breaks, what your limits are, and how to rebuild. Sometimes relearning these things are made even more difficult after a short break because you feel as though you should be able to jump back to where you were previously.

So, here’s the deal.  I’ve been a slacker, and I’ve let you down.  I’m going to try to make it right and get started again.  I’ll be back tomorrow to post my new #WednesdayWeighIn and on Friday I’ll be posting about how I’ll be using a strict schedule to get back on track, and to ask you to help keep me accountable to that schedule.  Next week I’ll tell you about a few tools that I will be using to take back my life and get moving in the right direction once again.

When you fail, sometimes the best you can do is get up, dust yourself off, and start running again.  Sometimes all you can do is apologize, and promise to try harder next time.  Those are my plans.  God willing, I’ll be able to make the best of it.